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So I braved the cold weather of Cincinnati for my job’s annual pep rally! Well obviously I’m really over exaggerating; it wasn’t that bad. However, it was pretty disappointing considering that Atlanta had beautiful 70-degree weather the entire time I was gone.

Cincinnati is a unique place with its ingrained sports history, the infamous Cincinnati Zoo, and let’s not forget their coined “Cincinnati Chili”. I was pleasantly surprised by the growth that was taking place right before my eyes.  The city is really attempting to get in the ranks with that of a Chicago or Washington D.C. (minus the transit system). As I mentioned before, I was there for work and we didn’t have much down time. But when we did, guess what I did with mines? Well, I found a new restaurant to try of course! I received a couple of recommendations from locals and Krueger’s Tavern came up in several conversations. After all of my work festivities were over, some co-workers and I hopped in an Uber and headed down to see what all of the hype was about.

What I vividly remember about the restaurant was their Krueger’s Tavern sign out front and how beautifully the storefront lit up the block. We were promptly greeted by the hostess and taken upstairs almost like we were V.I.P; at least that was the scenario I had made up in my mind! My group went up while I (of course) stayed downstairs and captured a picture of every square foot of the restaurant. Many of you who have dined with me know that I must take a picture of everything in the restaurant, especially the food, so don’t even think you are digging right in when a plate hits the table. I do it for my readers (you’ll thank me later).Per my usual photo session, I engaged in conversation with a nearby patron. Little did I know, this time I was talking to AJ, the general manager of Krueger’s Tavern. AJ and the hostess (I didn’t catch her name) were super nice and informative about the menu and the Cincinnati area as a whole. They told me about some other local spots that I should try out and they recommended some menu items as well.

Krueger Tavern is located in OTR (not sure what that means, but I kept hearing everyone say that lol). The tavern is apart of the Thunderdome Restaurant Group, who also own Bakersfield and Eagle Beer and Food Hall. Known for their ground in–house burgers, this New American concept is also recognized for their hint of German inspiration apparent in some of their menu items. After chatting it up with AJ, I finally decided to join the rest of the group upstairs.

AJ sold me on the veggie burger, so my mind was already made up before I sat down. As the table ordered a round of drinks, AJ so thoughtfully sent out the Tomato Pesto Jar as an appetizer (Thanks AJ!) The Tomato Pesto Jar was delicious. Just imagine tomato jam, pesto, whipped ricotta all layered in a jar served with warm toasted baguette chips. No need to imagine I took a picture, and I also can account for your taste buds in letting you know it was delicious. Our server was great (I didn’t catch her name either, yes I know I’m bad with names). She was super attentive and pretty knowledgeable about the menu. The food came out rather quickly and oh was it so so good!

Tomato Pesto Jar

The veggie burger was a house-made veggie patty made from beets, topped with provolone, pesto mayo, mixed greens, homemade pickles served on a challah bun. I also opted to add avocado, which changed the whole game as it normally does.

                                                            Veggie Burger 

One of my coworkers ordered the Krueger’s, two house ground patties, shredded lettuce, onion, American cheese, special sauce, homemade pickles, served on a challah bun. Another opted for the Bleu Gruyere, two house ground patties, Bleu Cheese, Gruyere, onion jam, mixed greens, dijonaise, served on a challah bun.

Krueger’s Burger

Everything was phenomenal, from the service to the quality food. Some other items on the menu that I definitely think are worth coming to try out are the handmade sausages made on site, the Spicy Moroccan Lentils, and the hot beer cheese. I even peeked at the killer patio before leaving out, which looks like it would be a summertime favorite. If you are in Cincinnati looking for excellent food, drinks, and service from a local option, stop by Krueger’s Tavern and tell them The Foodnista sent you!

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