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How does a cheddar waffle drenched in bourbon-pecan syrup topped with fried chicken and honey butter sound? Well let’s just say it sounded delicious to me. After a captivating church service I decided that I deserved a delicious brunch. Side note: I often believe that I deserve good food after any activity that I complete. Lol.

Nestled away in Ansley Mall, Bantam & Biddy offers brunch, lunch and dinner. This is the original location, but the restaurant has two other locations in the Atlanta area. I decided to sit at the bar because I was solo, so if you’re dining alone this is definitely solo diner friendly. I decided not to indulge in the mimosa or the strawberry fields cocktail but I have had both before and they were delicious. After looking over the menu several times I realized that I was going to go with my classic fried chicken and cheddar waffle. The cheddar waffle was fluffy and cooked to perfection that made dumping the ton of honey butter on top that much more satisfying. The fried chicken was also seasoned well and crispy just like any good southerner would like it. And lets not forget the bourbon-pecan syrup; I don’t feel like I should have to say anything else about this.


Please understand that Bantam & Biddy has a great selection of brunch items including the Banana Bread Waffle, Big Chicken Skillet and you can even get a Sublime Doughnut if you’re in the mood. I’m a creature of habit so once I find an amazing meal I find it difficult to venture out. So please don’t misinterpret my lack of food diversity as a representation that Bantam and Biddy doesn’t have a great selection to choose from. In fact whether you’re looking for a massive meal for your family with their family meal option, a killer organic selection, or just something different with their sweet chili and peanut wings; Bantam & Biddy has something to offer everyone.

I am particularly privy to the brunch, but Bantam & Biddy has a lot to offer across all feeding times! If you’re in the area and you’d rather be full than hungry on that ride back up 85 north stop by Bantam & Biddy! What are some of your favorite Atlanta brunch spots that The Foodnista needs to try?

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